7 Action News Investigator Scott Lewis looks into Joe Gentz's past

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - I have obtained records indicating that Joe Gentz has a long history of mental problems and explosive tempers and has threatened suicides in the past.

All of this comes from court records in Gentz's child custody case.

According to the records obtained by the Investigators, Gentz is a potentially dangerous and unpredictable man - a guy who needs medication to control a slew of mental problems that have been diagnosed by numerous professionals over the last 24 years.

The records shows Gentz has refused to take medications to control his mental issues.

Over the years, Gentz has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, intermittent explosive personality disorder, seizure disorder and antisocial traits.

Reports also indicate Gentz has borderline mental retardation and is blind in the left eye from a birth defect.

He was also hospitalized three times between 1998 and 2001 for psychiatric problems and suicidal thoughts.

During a hospitalization in '99, reports say, Gentz threatened to break every bone in his brother's body because he stole his leather jacket.

He also threatened to kill his wife and a stranger he had an altercation with in a hospital parking lot.

The reports also talk about Gentz having explosive outbursts. Reports describe one incident in 1999 three weeks after he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife. The report says, "Joseph had a loaded shotgun and was going to shoot his wife, whomever she was with and himself because she was coming home late."

In that case police confiscated Gentz's gun and a bow.

 As recently as last May, a doctor diagnosed Gentz with impulse disorder and recommended Gentz not be allowed to visit the daughter alone.

The doctor said Gentz "clearly does not have the cognitive capacity, behavioral controls or judgment to be able to safely and independently parent her."

Gentz's mental state is something his defense attorney plans to explore. After Gentz was arraigned on murder and conspiracy charges, defense attorney Susan Reed, asked for a mental evaluation for her client.

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