Another Wayne County IT manager resigns

DETROIT - 7 Action News has learned that another manager in Wayne County's controversial IT department has resigned.

Michael Moon was a division director in the Information Technology department.  County officials confirm that Moon has quit and say he left on good terms.  Moon has not returned our calls to comment on why he left his job.

Former Deputy Chief Information Officer David Edwards abruptly resigned in April, and a few weeks later, federal prosecutors charged Edwards with accepting a bribe.   The 41-year-old pleaded guilty to accepting a $13,000 cash bribe from an unidentified county contractor.  As part of Edwards' plea deal, he will testify against others in the Wayne County Probe.

The former head of the IT department, Tahir Kazmi, has also been charged with several crimes.  Federal prosecutors accuse Kazmi of shaking down a county vendor for more than $80,000 in cash, plus trips and gifts.  Another former IT department appointee,  Zayd Alleban, is charged with obstruction for allegedly pressuring the same vendor to lie to federal agents.

The FBI started investigating a wide range of allegations of wrong-doing in Wayne County after the 7 Action News Investigators exposed a secret severance deal, and other practices that are now being scrutinized.

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