Bail bond agents say those who run while on bond after conviction are most difficult to catch

(WXYZ) - Two bail bond agents Justin Butler and Matt Maddock, say continuing bond for criminals who know they're headed to prison only gives them one last chance to run.

"Once they're found guilty, suddenly things change," Butler says. "They know they're going away, the only question is how long and that's when they start getting butterflies in their stomach and decide that they're not gonna come back to court."

"You're looking at somebody who has a reason not to be caught," he continues. "You know, these are serious felonies. These aren't somebody who's looking at three months in the county jail. You're looking at 20 years. These are the people who will, absolutely, scratch and claw to not go back to prison. They're going to lose their life and if you get caught in the middle of that, you know, that could be a dangerous situation."

They say that these criminals, often guilty of dangerous and assaultive crimes, are the hardest people to apprehend.

"It's not worth the risk. It's not worth the public's risk to give someone another 10 days or two months to take care of their business," says Maddock.

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