Bobby Ferguson's fake driver's license is reason to deny bond, say feds

DETROIT (WXYZ) - On the same day he was arraigned--for the second time--on bid-rigging charges, city contractor Bobby Ferguson learned that the feds are contesting his request for bond.

Ferguson currently sits in federal prison while awaiting sentencing on a racketeering conviction from earlier this month.  Today, a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf as he was brought up on bid-rigging charges.  The feds say that a $12 million city contract was  steered to Ferguson thanks to a scheme devised by him and two of his co-defendants.

Also today, the feds reaffirmed their request that Ferguson be denied bond.  They cited a 1999 driver's license he obtained under the name "Antonio Cortez-Julian Talley."  The feds say it's unclear why Ferguson obtained the driver's license, but said it was certainly not for a lawful purpose.

Ferguson's longtime attorney Gerald Evelyn learned today that his request to be taken off of Ferguson's bid-rigging trial was granted. On Friday, Evelyn said he and Ferguson are still friends and he will still represent him in matters related to his racketeering case.

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