Former Kwame mistress, Chief of Staff Christine Beatty files for bankruptcy in Georgia

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As Kwame Kilpatrick's very public fight with the feds stretches into its third month, Christine Beatty has been waging a much more quiet struggle of her own. 

In October, she filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, declaring that she owes almost $390,000 in liabilities, but has less than $85,000.  

Unlike the former mayor, Beatty's fall from grace has been much less public. She moved down to Atlanta not long after serving jail time for perjury in the text-message scandal, and found work at an Atlanta law firm as a consultant.

Last year she made more than $100,000, but so far this year, she's made less than a third of that.

Nowhere near enough to pay down scores of debts: a $220,000 mortgage for a Detroit home now worth only $53,000,  $33,000 in student loans and $42,000 owed on a Ford Explorer. There are smaller expenses too, like a $95 parking ticket in Dallas, where Kilpatrick former lover now lives. 

As for assets, Beatty doesn't list many: only $2,200 in household goods, $500 in clothing and $250 in jewelry.  

Beatty could not be reached for comment Monday night. Her lawyer told us that her pending bankruptcy won't affect her restitution payments to the city: he called it "her highest priority. "

Beatty is current on her payments so far, with about $85,000 left to pay off.

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