Controversial Turkia Mullin denied lifetime health benefits from Wayne County judge

DETROIT (WXYZ) - What a difference a week makes: that's all that separated Turkia Mullin from a lifetime of free healthcare, courtesy of a county without a penny to spare.

Mullin was suing Wayne County to give her a perk that would cover her healthcare costs for the rest of her life.  The perk--which was ended for future appointees after 7 Action News exposed it--gave top county brass free health coverage after just 8 years in the county.     

Friday, Wayne County Judge Maria Oxholm said Mullin wasn't entitled to the benefit.  Oxholm said she worked at the county for 7 years, 11 months and 26 days. In other words, she was 5 days short of qualifying for the perk. 

In a statement, Mullin's old boss Robert Ficano said he was pleased with the judge's decision, and said he's hopeful the county can move forward from the Mullin controversy. 

Mullin and her old colleague Azzam Elder are at the center of an ongoing FBI investigation that has so far netted five convictions.

We reached out to Mullin for comment on her case's dismissal, but she didn't return our calls.

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