Could Bob Bashara's plans for a new life outlined in internet posts be a motive for murder?

GROSSE POINTE PARK (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators are uncovering new information tonight in the Jane Bashara murder case. It involves Bob Bashara's secret double life.

Investigator Scott Lewis has learned Bashara was making plans for a new life in the weeks and months preceding his wife's murder, plans that included not one, but two other women, and the three of them sharing a home.

The question is; could Bob Bashara's secret plans be a motive for murder?

On New Year's Eve, as the clock ticked closer to 2012, Jane Bashara was home in Grosse Pointe while her husband Bob was hundreds of miles away with his mistress Rachael Gillett. He was at the wedding of Gillett's daughter in South Carolina, and was photographed dancing with the mother of the bride.

According to Jane's friends, she thought Bob was in Florida golfing with his buddies.  And that's just a small part of Bob Bashara's secret double life.

Internet blog posts obtained by the 7 Action News Investigators suggest Bob Bashara had a mistress and was planning to bring a third woman into the relationship.

As we first reported last week, Bashara was in the process of buying a large home on Kensington in Grosse Pointe Park when Jane was murdered. The blog posts say Bashara planned to share the home with his mistress, Rachael Gillett and another unidentified woman from Oregon. All three were involved in an alternative lifestyle known as BDSM, which stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism.

The posts are from a website called used by people involved BDSM.

A knowledgeable source says the posts were put up by Rachael Gillette using the screen name MBs_bella.  MBs stands for master Bob's slave, and bella means beautiful.

On August 2011, MBs_bella posts, "We are looking for a special girl, a third to round out our relationship…someone who would live with us on a full-time permanent basis who is free to commit to being a part of a loving, nurturing male dominated home. Master Bob is the head of our relationship."

The posts show that, for years, they were seeking out another woman for three-way relationship known as a triad.

Another post from MBs_bella from September of 2010 says, "We are looking for one unique individual who can fit with us and our personalities…an attractive female, age from late 30's to early 50's, must be able to able to relocate to us…willing to obey his directions concerning finances, health issues, and self growth…gainfully employed. "

According to the blog posts, Bob Bashara and his mistress found the woman they were seeking.

Last November, posting as MBs_triad, Rachael Gillette writes, "We are a true D/s triad…a group of three.  Master Bob is the head of our home, respected and cared for by His two lovely slaves, bella and J."

In mid-January of this year, shortly before Jane Bashara's murder, blog posts say Bob Bashara flew to Oregon to meet the third female slave in the triad.

On January 12 th Rachael Gillett writes, "Oregon also has one very special girl that I am just dying to meet! And now for this weekend only…Oregon also has my Master!" 

According to one of her friends while Bob was in Oregon, Jane thought he was out of town on business.

A source close to Jane Bashara says if she was aware of Bob's alternative lifestyle and his plans with two other women she did not share it with her friends. The question is; if Bob was planning to set up shop with two other women in a new home, how did Jane fit into that picture? Could this be a motive for murder?

There are also questions about how Bob Bashara could afford this planned new life.  According to public records, Bashara's marital home has an outstanding $534,000 mortgage.  The new home was listed at $239,000. Bob Bashara had also fallen behind on taxes on several of his rental properties.

Just yesterday, Bashara sat down with ABC's Good Morning America for an exclusive interview saying he had no reason to kill his wife.

"Is there any motive that you could have had to kill your wife?" asked ABC correspondent Andrea Canning.

"No, none," replied Bashara. 

"Financial?" asked Canning.

 "No, none," said Bashara.

"Didn't want to be married to her anymore?" asked the correspondent.

"None whatsoever, we had a very good open relationship," Bashara replied.

Bashara deflected questions about his affair with Rachael Gillett in the ABC interview, but Bashara's attorney wasn't so quick to deny it.

"Is this something you are now possibly willing to admit that he did have an affair?" asked Canning.

"Ah, the term open marriage comes to mind," attorney David Griem replied.

 "And Jane was o-k with that?" asked the correspondent.

"My belief is that it was an open marriage," Griem replied.

Shortly after Jane Bashara's body was found in her

SUV, Rachael Gillett was questioned by police. Then she dropped out of site.

Gillett's only public comment is a written statement in which she condemned the media for exploiting the tragedy. 

"I think the general public should be ashamed of their feverish appetite for gossip," she said.

When Bob Bashara was interviewed by police he told them he was just friends with Gillette.  Police sources tell me they believe they caught Bashara in a lie on that.

In the ABC interview Bashara pins the murder of his wife on his handyman Joe Gentz who has told police that Bashara paid him to murder Jane and in the end forced him to choke her to death by holding a gun to his head.

Do you believe Joe Gentz?" asked correspondent Canning.

"I do believe he's the one who did it.  He wanted more money from me, he badgered me, and yes, I do believe he's capable of it," Bashara replied.

"Yet one of the stories Joe is reportedly telling is that you forced him to kill Jane," the correspondent said.

"I don't own a firearm and I absolutely had nothing to do with this. That is a sick assessment on his part.  It just shows how deranged he is," Bashara firmly stated.

The 7 Action News Investigators obtained Rachael Gillette's cell phone number through a source and called her. Investigator Scott Lewis told her he needed to ask her some questions about posts she made on the site under the screen name MBs_bella. 

"I said I don't want to talk to the media," Gillett told Lewis before abruptly hanging up the phone.  She did not deny making the posts.

Bashara's attorney David Griem confirmed that Bashara was trying to purchase the home on Kensington and said he did not know whether Jane Bashara was aware of it.  He said when Jane was murdered the real estate agent returned Bashara's deposit on the home.

Griem could not confirm information in the web site blogs indicating Bashara was planning to share the home with Rachael Gillett and another unidentified woman because, he said, he has not talked to Bashara about the subject of affairs.

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