Could emergency manager be needed in Wayne County?

(WXYZ) -  

Wayne County's finances are up in the air. Is it really bad enough to bring in an emergency manager?

On Tuesday, 7 Action News read through an 156-page report ordered by the state, digging into Wayne County's grim finances.

Among the findings: A $104 million shortfall in the county's general fund, growing deficits and a shrinking tax base. 

Much of the report's findings are not news, like the very public war between Wayne County CEO Robert Ficano and other elected officials like Sheriff Benny Napoleon and Kym Worthy.

Both have said for years that Ficano has underfunded their departments, putting public safety at risk.

Huge overspending in the sheriff's department that the report said is deploying officers that are assigned to the jail to other assignments like drug enforcement to cover the jail staffing. Sheriff's officials are paying big on overtime expenses.

Robert Ficano's spokeswoman said in a statement that the county has made progress in getting control of its finances and she said that other elected officials need to get their spending in order before the county can dig out of this mess. 


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