7 Action News Investigators uncover problems with parking meter pay stations in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Chances are you've gotten that sinking feeling before.  You return to your car and find a parking ticket plastered on the windshield.  Another $10 or $20 down the drain. But did you really deserve that ticket?  If you got it in Downtown Detroit, the answer might be no.

A 7 Action News Investigation has uncovered problems with parking pay stations in downtown Detroit that are resulting in people getting tickets that they don't deserve.

In some cases, when people try to pay, the stations won't accept money, either cash or credit cards. When the parking meter enforcement workers come by, they write tickets even when the pay stations aren't working.

There are also issues with drivers getting tickets when they still have time left on the pay stations.

The Investigators also went undercover and found out that parking enforcement employees are not following proper procedures which is also  contributing to this problem.

We're still working on this investigation. Come back to 7 Action News and wxyz.com on Thursday at 11 p.m. to get more of what we've uncovered.

If you've had some problems with parking meters or pay stations, share your stories with us .

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