Estranged wife of accused cop becomes key witness for prosecution

MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) - A high ranking state cop is charged with 24 felonies; accused of stealing property seized in drug raids. Now the Action News Investigators have the inside story on ex-lieutenant Luke Davis from the person who was closest to him, his soon to be ex-wife.

Melanie Davis is now a witness for the prosecution. One of her startling claims is that her husband, a man who was viewed as a hero for fighting drugs in Monroe County, was actually feeding her drug addiction while they were married.

Davis is suspended without pay, facing serious felony charges. He's accused of turning a drug task force called OMNI into a criminal enterprise. According to court records, Luke Davis and others on the OMNI drug task force confiscated property during drug raids, kept some of it for themselves, and sold some of it to line their pockets with cash.

Davis' penchant for young women proved to be his undoing.

Action News has learned that it was his current girlfriend, Emily McCaughey, an exotic dancer 22 years his junior who first triggered the police investigation. Sources say McCaughey told someone about the alleged OMNI thefts after she had an argument with Luke Davis and that person went to police. Later, his soon to be ex-wife Melanie Davis, a former dancer and model went to police and told them everything she knew, bolstering the police investigation.

Now Melanie Davis is telling the Action News Investigators the inside story of her life with Davis while this alleged theft was going on. Davis told Channel 7 that it started out small. She said her husband was coming home with things like sunglasses and perfume taken in drug raids and explaining that it would probably be thrown away if he didn't take it.

Then, Davis said, the thefts got bigger: cars, boats, jewelry, cash and more.

Melanie Davis admitted she took a chance when she went to police and told them what she had witnessed, because she had participated in some of the alleged thefts. She says the police gave her immunity for her testimony in the upcoming court case.

"I have to take responsibility for my own actions and I'm not proud of, you know, the things that I knew about and the things that were going on," Davis told Investigator Scott Lewis.

"But, what was I going to do," she asked.

Melanie Davis and the current girlfriend Emily McCaughey both met Luke Davis when the OMNI task force raided their boyfriends' homes for drugs.

Davis said police hit her boyfriend's mobile home in 2008 as they were moving their belongings in and police found a quarter pound of marijuana.

"Luke said that if my boyfriend wanted to stay out of jail that I should work the charges off for him,' Davis said.

"I had to go undercover and purchase crack cocaine."

Melanie Davis said she had to make eight drug buys to work off her boyfriend's charges. She said that after the final buy, Luke Davis made a pass at her and she couldn't resist.

"I thought he was a very attractive guy," she said.

"He had, you know, his life together. He had goals, he was successful, and he was a charmer," she said.

Before long, Davis said, she and Luke Davis were in a relationship. She was 19 years old, and he was 38. They were married in February of 2004. Davis said the relationship was rocky from the start, but a year after the marriage; she gave birth to a baby boy.

"And once I had gotten pregnant it was a nightmare from then on out," Davis said.

Davis said her husband became more and more verbally abusive and controlling to the point where she had totally lost her self esteem. She said she was already a drug user and became a serious drug addict.

"Once you started using drugs heavily, was he feeding them to you?" asked Channel 7's Scott Lewis.

"Yes he was," Davis replied. It got really bad. It got so bad that in October of 2008 I actually attempted suicide because he made me believe that my son would have been better off if I wasn't around," she said.

"And I think that was the moment I said that, you know, I've got to figure a way out of this."

Davis said she finally hit bottom months later, after she and Luke Davis had separated and he was involved with his new girlfriend.

Davis said the defining moment came one evening when she was watching her son sleeping in bed. She realized that little boy was dependent on her and she was totally addicted to hard drugs.

"It broke my heart, because I knew I wasn't the mother that I needed to be to my son," Davis said.

"I had to figure a way out."

Davis told Action News she locked herself in her home and weaned herself off drugs without any help, and she got very sick.

"And then you got clean?" asked Scott Lewis.

"I did," Davis replied," and I have not faltered since."

Davis said once she got sober she went to police and told them everything, including the fact that as police were searching Luke Davis' house he called her and asked her to pick him up.

"I really can't go any further into that, but I took him to a

bank," Davis said.

Davis said criminal investigators have asked her not to talk in detail about the alleged trip to the bank, but in a court document filed in her divorce case she claimed she took Luke Davis to a bank where he withdrew $100,000 in cash from a safety deposit box.

"I can't get into too much detail as to what exactly happened, but I can say that Luke's intention was not to stick around if there was certain things that were discovered in the house," she said.

Asked by Investigator Scott Lewis if she thought there was more in house that police didn't find, she replied: "Yes, I do. I know, I know, yes."

Melanie Davis told Action News, and other sources confirmed that, for some reason, State Police didn't bring a drug dog when they searched Davis' house.

The Action News Investigators confirmed through several sources that FBI agents showed up at Luke Davis' house recently, after he sold it, looking for a secret compartment behind a table that was attached to a wall in the basement. The sources said the federal agents took pictures and left.

It's not clear what the FBI's interest is in the Luke Davis case. An FBI Spokesperson told Action News they can't confirm nor deny there is an investigation underway.

Luke Davis' attorney Neil Fink declined comment except to say that Davis is innocent until proven guilty.

Melanie Davis will no doubt be grilled by the defense when she testifies about her own involvement in the alleged scheme and her motives for going to police.

Davis told Action News she just wanted to do the right thing, and she said her life been very difficult since she went to police. She said she has been financially and emotionally drained by a long custody and divorce battle.

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