Family of Oakland County Child Killer victim slams prosecutor, police in video

King family produces video to tell their story

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., (WXYZ) - The family of an Oakland County Child Killer victim is slamming some of the law enforcement officials who have been in charge of the decades-old case.

Barry King and his daughter, Cathy King Broad, say they have produced a six hour video that outlines the failures and missed chances to solve the murder of 11-year-old Timmy King and three other children. 

The four were abducted and murdered along the Woodward Corridor between 1976 and 1977.  Despite publicity about several suspects over the years, the murders have never been solved.

7 Action News has obtained the video, titled "Decades of Deceit."  In it, Barry King explains the leads that his family has uncovered since 2006.  King says Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper's refusal to cooperate with him and Wayne County investigators has hindered the investigation.

The 82-year-old says he still believes Christopher Busch, the son of a prominent GM executive, is the best suspect and King questions why Busch and one his associates, Vince Gunnels, no longer seem to be a focus of the case.  Busch was a 4-time convicted pedophile who lived in Bloomfield Village.  He committed suicide in 1978.

"All I've wanted from Ms. Cooper and the other law enforcement officials is an explanation [as to] why on March 1, 2010, they excluded Busch and Gunnels," King states in the video.

Cooper told the 7 Action News Investigators in 2012 that there is no direct evidence that links Busch to the murders.  She also previously said, "We've been talking to Mr. King for years," adding that her office has met with King about ten times. 

She says her staff has shown him the records that they can, and understands his need for closure.  But with Busch and scores of others ruled out as suspects, she says her office needs to follow the evidence, and move on when it's not there. 

"I would love to be able to give him the answer he wants," Cooper said.  "My job is to give him the truth."

"I think they are just babysitting the case.  And if they had put as much energy into answering our questions and doing their jobs as they have into being obstructionist and punishing my father for coming forward and asking questions, we might have more answers than we do today," said Cathy King Broad in the video.

Both Oakland County and Wayne County convened grand juries to review evidence in the case.  Tim King's body was dumped in Livonia in March of 1977, giving Wayne County officials some jurisdiction in his case.  Wayne County is no longer part of the Oakland County Child Killer Task Force, which is comprised of MSP detectives and Oakland County Sheriff's Office detectives. 

The King family says Wayne County is still pursuing leads.

"They are doing this without the help of the State Police, and in fact, more disturbingly they are being hindered by Oakland County.  There's not a lot of information sharing going on.  And until these people can get on the same page – nothing is ever going to happen," said Cathy King Broad.

Michigan State Police officials tell 7 Action News that Oakland County Child Killer Task Force has been and continues to be committed to investigating the deaths of all four children who were killed.  They also say the Task Force does in fact speak regularly with Wayne County's investigators.

And many detectives involved in the case insist they want nothing more than to bring justice and closure to the families.

The King Family is selling the DVD "Decades of Deceit" for $20.  The money will be donated to the Tim King Fund.  Barry King established the fund in 1977 to help abused children and promote youth activities in Birmingham, so Timmy King would not be forgotten.

If you want more information on the DVD, please call 248-457-7110.

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