Family to sue over Oakland County Child Killer case

(WXYZ) - - The family of one of the victims of the Oakland County Child Killer wants to take the police and the prosecutor to court.

The family of Timmy King is going to file a lawsuit next week against the Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Prosecutor.

They say they've waited long enough for answers in this decades-old mystery, and they want to see the files on one of the Child Killer suspects.

Timmy King was the fourth and final victim of the Oakland County Child Killer – a murderer who abducted 4 children between 1976 and 1977. The killings have never been solved, but with a new lead that came from the King's family in 2006, police started looking into the activities of Christopher Brian Busch.

"They've had this information for 3 Christmases, 3 of Tim's birthdays. Nothing's happened," says Barry King - Timmy King's father.

He says his family is tired of waiting for the Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Prosecutor to wrap up their investigation into Busch. So, his family is going to file a lawsuit against the law enforcement agencies to force them to hand over the records related to Busch.

"We think the public ought to know what happens in these investigations," says King.

Christopher Busch was a convicted pedophile – and the son of a wealthy GM executive. The family lived in Bloomfield Township at the time of the killings. Police reports obtained by Action News show Busch committed suicide in 1978. Sources close to the case say, inside Busch's bedroom police found a sketch of a boy that looked like one of the child killer victims, along with other evidence that prompted the cops to call 2 members of the Child Killer Task Force to the suicide scene.

In 2008, the state police searched the home where Busch killed himself. Now the King's are frustrated that the state lab still hasn't finished processing the evidence that was recovered during that search. They're losing confidence in the detectives at the helm of this decades-old investigation.

"I went 30 plus years without having any worry at all about the fact that the police were doing a good job on this. I don't sleep as well as I used to. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this case and what happened to Tim," says Barry King.

He says Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper won't talk to him and has only sent letters saying that she won't release the files on Busch. Since Busch has been dead for years, there's no way he can be convicted - and that's why the King's are suing. They want to know everything about Busch, so they can decide on their own if he was the one responsible for their years of heartache.

"What do you think the file might show? I have only hearsay evidence, and statements from people, and review of documents that raise questions that I can't answer. And it's possible there's a cover up, and its possible Christopher Busch was not involved. And in either circumstance, I think we're entitled to answers," says King.

The Michigan State police tell me that they are actively pursuing leads in this case, and they are still processing evidence – but they can't comment on the King's lawsuit, because it's pending litigation.

As for Jessica Cooper – she has not called us back to comment.