FBI serves subpoenas at Wayne County headquarters in downtown Detroit

Robert Ficano hires high-profile lawyer for probe

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Action News Investigators have learned that three teams of agents for the FBI showed up at the Wayne County headquarters in downtown Detroit Wednesday afternoon.

Subpoenas for records and documents were served to the IT Department, Personnel Department and another unknown department. The departments have until November to comply.

Nothing was seized from the building, but a "Do Not Destroy" letter was given - which means that documents and records cannot be destroyed.

FBI officials will neither confirm nor deny an investigation. Sources tell Action News that federal agents are looking into Turkia Mullin's $200,000 severance payment, and the non-profit Wayne County Business Development Corporation fund, among other things.

Action News has also confirmed that Robert Ficano has retained prominent criminal attorney Steve Fishman to represent him during the FBI probe. While leaving the Guardian Building for the day Ficano said he welcomed the investigation and would be exonerated.

The Action News Investigators first told you about the non-profit last year and how local companies, some with county contracts, contributed to the fund. It's the same kind of non-profit that tripped up former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

A federal grand jury indicted Kilpatrick for using his fund like a personal piggy bank.

After months of asking, we finally learned that Mullin also earned $75,000 a year from the non-profit while she was working for the taxpayers.

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