Federal agents say cancer doctor accused of fraud wanted to buy a $3 million castle

DETROIT - Federal agents say the cancer doctor accused of cashing in by giving his patients chemo and other treatments they didn’t need  once tried to buy a $3 million castle in Lebanon.

Dr. Farid Fata once lived in a palatial 6,000 square foot home in Oakland Township.  Now it seems the cancer doctor once wanted an even bigger home.

The feds say Fata was involved in a $35 million Medicare fraud scheme.  They also allege the 49-year-old gave his patients unnecessary chemotherapy and other treatments – all for profit.

“I was pounding the table last year when I stopped the chemo; I said God if anybody is going to this man, get away from him! Get away from him! He doesn’t tell the truth,” former Fata patient Robert Rabideau told 7 Action News in 2013.

Last November, FBI agents obtained a search warrant for the cancer doctor’s Hotmail email account.   They told the judge they were “…investigating and attempting to trace millions of dollars that flowed through numerous Dr. Fata-related entities…”

On August 23, 2010, Fata emailed his financial advisor.  The subject line read: URGENT!!!!!

According to the search warrant affidavit, Fata wrote, “…I need a favor from you.  My dad has a great deal on a castle all furnished in Adma/Lebanon! Can you pls get in contact with my dad and go see the house!  It is for $3000000… What is the economic benefit and the housing market in Adma?”

Agents say Fata then wanted to know if the castle purchase could be paid for by one of his trusts, asking “Can this be funded from the Fata Foundation? Pls advise!”

Fata did not buy the castle.  His lawyers want that email and others about wanting to send money to Lebanon tossed out of the case.

They call the search warrant “overbroad” and they say the emails were obtained improperly.

Fata is still locked up at the Milan Correctional Facility, held on a $9 Million bond.

Dr. Fata is scheduled to go to trial in October.  Officials from the U S Attorney’s office are not commenting on the emails.