Fifth death associated with controversial Essure birth control implant

(WXYZ) - There has been another death associated with a controversial birth control device that the 7 Investigators have been reporting on for more than a year.

The deaths associated with the Essure birth control device continue to rise. And now the 7 Investigators have learned a woman has died while her doctor was inserting the Essure device.

“I just wish that everybody would listen, this is so important – women’s lives, families depend on this,” said Darlene Taylor. 

Taylor, of Detroit, and Mesha Hodge, of Redford, are outraged that another woman has died in connection with the birth control device Essure. They’ve been fighting to get Essure taken off the market.

“It felt like my pelvis was burning all the time. My uterus felt like it was on fire, everything, my side, it was on fire. The pain radiated not just from my pelvis, it radiated down my legs, and my hair started falling out,” said Hodge.

“It’s definitely ruined my life, and the lives of my four children,” said Taylor.

Taylor and Hodge are among the thousands of women across the country who complain of severe pain, miscarriages, and serious injuries. In some cases, the metal coils of Essure, which are used to block conception, have cut into other organs.

More than 4,500 doctors and patients have reported these and other health concerns to the Food & Drug Administration.

“Would I recommend my enemy to get this device? Oh no! Would I recommend anyone to get this device – NO,” said Hodge.

Essure is marketed as an alternative to tubal ligation that can be performed in a doctor’s office.

But now a woman has died while Essure was being implanted, making this the fifth death that we’ve found in an FDA database.

The report shows “the patient coded” when the doctor tried to insert the second coil into her fallopian tube. It also says “prior to the coding the patient was noted to be shaking a lot and experienced generalized seizure activity.”

The autopsy showed that her uterus was punctured – though the pathologist could not definitively say that the device caused her death.

Three late-term miscarriages and the death of a woman in 2013 have also been reported to the FDA as deaths related to Essure, though none have been directly linked to the device.

In the report, Bayer, which makes the device, maintains the “death is not a known failure mode related to Essure.”

“I just want to spread the word. I just want to save every single woman I can – every woman I don’t know and every woman I do know. I just want everyone to know how dangerous this is,” said Taylor.

According to Bayer, about 750,000 women have had Essure implanted. Thousands of women signed a petition to get Essure taken off the market. The FDA’s Office of Compliance is investigating.

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