Fmr. Ficano contractor Anthony Parlovecchio sues county, says he shouldn't have been fired

(WXYZ) DETROIT - A former Wayne County contractor fired amidst controversy over his no-bid contract is suing the county, claiming the firing was a breach of his contract.

Anthony Parlovecchio filed the suit today in Wayne County Circuit Court.

He was a Wayne County appointee serving under Turkia Mullin, then the county's economic development czar, but left his county job in 2010 so that he could be hired as an outside contractor to oversee the county's massive $200 million jail project.

He was awarded the contract, worth approximately $2 million, without having to submit a bid.  Parlovecchio contends he was giving the county a deal, charging a rate lower than most firms.

But amidst fury from Mullin's $200,000 secret severance payment, exposed by 7 Action News last September, Parlovecchio's contract became controversial within the county, and some alleged it was a sweetheart deal.

"I am concerned about the appearance associated with an un-bid contract being awarded to a former county employee so close in time to his departure from county service," Wayne County CEO Robert Ficano wrote to the head of the county's building authority.

Not long after, the authority voted 3-0 to terminate Parlovecchio's contract.

Parlovecchio contends that the county gave in to pressure from media and other outside forces, and breached his contract in the process.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's spokeswoman had no comment at the time of publishing, saying the county had not yet seen the lawsuit.

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