Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he is no longer a Detroiter

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Former Detroit  Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he loves living in Texas and has "...absolutely no intentions of living anywhere else."

That is what he wrote in an email to his parole officer last month. It is just one of several emails obtained by 7 Action News.

Kilpatrick has been living in Texas with his family, following his release from jail on his perjury conviction.

The Texas Department of Corrections transferred his case here because Kilpatrick spends most of his time in Detroit where he is on trial for racketeering.

Kilpatrick is required to have regular contact with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

In another email Kilpatrick wrote: "I'm often thought of as a Detroiter, but I am not. My life, family and residency is in Texas."

A Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson told 7 Action News that it is unusual for parolees to contact their officers by email. Most parolees contact them by phone.

Kilpatrick also complained about the media getting access to his emails and reporting on his travel, where he is staying when in Detroit, and how he is paying for it.

"This puts my mom's home in potential danger, as well as her and myself," writes Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick's parole officer wrote back that the Department of Corrections is subject to the freedom of information act . The parole officer also wrote, "In regards to your life being in danger or any other family member, please provided me with any and all information pertaining to any threats."

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