Friends, others pick up the cost for Kilpatrick's hotel and airfare

DETROIT (WXYZ) - People in high places: Kwame Kilpatrick used to be one, now he's just lucky to know a few.

That's what he told parole officials when they asked just how he could his fancy lifestyle while he's in Detroit,  living the posh Atheneum Hotel.  After all, Kilpatrick's four lawyers are being paid for by us because he says he can't afford them.

But he can afford to stay at the hotel when he doesn't have to pay.  We've learned that Kilpatrick was a guest at the Atheneum between 8 and 10 times last month and--each time--his room was comped by a hotel employee.  A lawyer for Jim Papas, one of the owners of Atheneum, said his client wasn't aware that Kilpatrick was a guest for free.  And he won't be anymore.  

And what about flights back home to Dallas?  Kilpatrick has taken a few since his trial started last month, even one this past weekend.  But he says he's not footing the bill for those, either. The former mayor thanks some friends who work for Delta, allowing him to use what's called a buddy pass to go to and from Dallas.

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