Health care workers convicted of sexually assaulting patients can't get licenses back

(WXYZ) - Health care workers convicted of sexually assaulting their patients can no longer get their medical licenses back.

The 7 Investigators first exposed that convicted sex offender doctors, dentists, and others have still been allowed to work with patients – but a new law has just been signed to stop that from happening.

Dr. Donald Quinn was one of the 44 convicted sex offenders that 7 Action News discovered who either had gotten their health care licenses reinstated… or who could get their licenses back.

Court records showed that Dr. Quinn drugged, and then sexually assaulted and beat a patient in 2001.  He was charged with 10 felonies, but was convicted of two counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct, two drug charges and a weapons charge as part of a plea deal.
Quinn was locked up for a year in jail and his dental license was suspended.  But State licensing records obtained by 7 Action News shows his license was fully restored last year, something he did not want to discuss with us.

“I really have nothing to say,” Quinn told 7 Investigator Heather Catallo in November.

Now a new law will permanently revoke the licenses of health professionals who are convicted of sex crimes with their patients.  Senator Rick Jones pushed for the new legislation – but the law won’t apply to health workers convicted in the past.

“I can’t create a law that goes ex post facto, and goes back in history, and says you did this 5 years ago, so now we’re going to give you this penalty. But those records are there, and if there is any new infraction, the board will be able to review past behavior,” said Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge).

“When you violate your patients’ trust, I think that’s when you forfeit your right to use whatever medical talents you have,” said Jo Ann Naylor.  She testified against her former eye doctor, Matthew Burman.  A jury convicted Dr. Burman in 2008 of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct… landing him on probation for 5 years.  His license was briefly suspended but Dr. Burman is now back to work at one of his three metro-Detroit offices. 

“I just can’t see how these professional men can be on a pervert… sex offender registry… and be allowed to practice. I don’t understand it,” said Naylor.

As for Dr. Quinn – detectives arrested him after the 7 Investigators revealed that he had not registered his new work address with police. 

Now Quinn is charged with two felonies – accused of working at least 8 months at Southfield Dental Care without telling the cops.

“Law enforcement was not notified of that change in employment until November 13,” said Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Tricia Dare during a preliminary exam in the district court recently.

Quinn is facing up to 4 years in prison if he’s convicted, possibly longer for being a habitual offender.

Dr. Quinn’s case is moving forward in Oakland County Circuit Court.
The new law takes effect July 1.

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