I-96 shooting suspect is well-educated, made Tweets about gun control

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A criminal background check of the man now in police custody shows he has a clean record.  According to his resume obtained by 7 Action News, he's well-educated, graduating from Michigan State and taking grad level courses in microbiology.  

From 2006 through 2009, he was a senior project scientist for an environmental company, working down south before recently moving back to Michigan.

A man using the suspect's name is active on social media, like Twitter, and posted mostly about his political views, sometimes warning about possible efforts at gun control. In one Tweet from July, he told his followers about what he saw as an attempt to limit gun rights. He sent them to this website, urging people to sign a petition.

In a post on another website, someone using the suspect's name wrote this about cuts to our armed forces:

"…why does the military have to be paired back …when law enforcement and fire protection do not?"  He goes on to say, "…what we need is greater recognition of our 2nd Amendment right."

In one post, the man wrote that the 2nd Amendment is "absolute," and noted, "I carry everywhere I go!"

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