Judge Wade McCree sued in federal court for having sex with woman in a case he presided over

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree, who was suspended last week without pay, was sued in federal court today.

Robert King sued McCree and Geniene LaShay Mott, the mother of his child, accusing them of having a sexual relationship while both LaShay Mott and King had a child support case before McCree.

McCree is the controversial judge who was reprimanded for sending shirtless pictures to a court bailiff last year.

The Michigan Supreme Court suspended McCree without pay last week over the child support case.

King's lawsuit accuses McCree and LaShay Mott of starting their relationship last year after the child support case began and that the pair had sex in McCree's chambers.

King lawsuit also says McCree and LaShay Mott talked about how McCree could pressure King to come up with child support payments quickly, which included putting King in jail or on a tether.

Legal experts say it is a clear conflict of interest for a judge to have a relationship with someone who has a case before them. 

Just before word of this relationship leaked out, in a strange twist, McCree filed a stalking complaint with the Wayne County Prosecutor's office against Mott.

King and LaShay Mott have a six-year old child together. King was obligated to make child support payments, but was behind and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On May 21, 2012, LaShay Mott and King were first before McCree, who presided over a hearing on the child support case.

King's lawsuit also says that McCree openly flirted with LaShay Mott after the hearing and started a sexual with her.

On August 16, 2012, McCree put King on an electronic tether, the lawsuit alleges.

King's case also says that McCree got LaShay Mott pregnant, and that McCree, who is married, pressured her to terminate the pregnancy. When LaShay Mott refused, McCree allegedly contacted the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to have her charged with stalking and other crimes, the lawsuit alleges.

The prosecutor's office declined to pursue the case. McCree could not be reached. 

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