Kilpatrick asks to be released again, says he can't recover without ice and physical therapy

(WXYZ) - Detroit's former mayor is asking a federal Court of Appeals to release him from custody once again. 

This time, Kwame Kilpatrick's awyer is arguing that the federal correctional facility in Milan does not have enough ice or the proper physical therapy facilities to help him recover from his recent knee surgery.

A jury convicted Kilpatrick on federal racketeering, bribery, and other charges back in March. His lawyer says the former mayor now requires 90 minute out-patient therapy sessions twice a week. 

Attorney Harold Gurewitz also argues that Kilpatrick cannot do the prescribed daily exercises while he's locked up because he's not allowed to have the items that are needed to do all of the exercises.

Federal prosecutors say Kilpatrick is a flight risk, and they don't want him released before he's sentenced.  No sentencing date has been set.

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