Lawsuit filed in federal court in Detroit challenges terror watch list

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A federal lawsuit was filed today on behalf of five area Muslims---challenging their spot on the government's terrorist watch list.

"There needs to be an opportunity to rebut the evidence the government is utilizing to place them on that list," said attorney Gadeik Abbas.

Backed by the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, they argue, not just them, but many others are placed on this and similar watch lists without due process.

The suit--filed in US District Court in Detroit, seeks to remove the plaintiff's names from the watch list and allow others to do the same. 

A recent report cited Dearborn as one of the top cities nationwide with people having suspected ties to terrorism. Many in Dearborn have disputed that.

The Investigators have reported extensively in recent months on Arab-American concerns in Dearborn.

From those who told 7 Action News they are unfairly on 'no fly lists'--to those who claim banks have unfairly shut down their accounts because of unjust concern from the US Government.

This most recent fight, "Challenges the government's broad and unchecked powers...based on the vague standard of reasonable suspicion and not based on any concrete evidence," says attorney Lena Masri.

There have been more than a million names put on the terror watch list over the past four years. The exact number in Michigan is unknown.

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