BLOG: Defense teams rest on Kilpatrick trial's 67th day

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Follow the latest in the Kilpatrick corruption trial as 7 Action News Investigator Ross Jones blogs from federal court:

10:40--That's all: Thanks for joining us folks.  Sounds like we'll be back Friday.

10:34--Rest: The defense teams have officially rested.  We're adjourned for the day, and court resumes on Friday at 10AM for some procedural matters.  The end is near, my friends. 

10:11--Please rise: Judge Nancy Edmunds has asked all three defendants--Kwame Kilpatrick, his father and Bobby Ferguson--to stand as she reminds them of their right to testify in their own defense.

"I'm choosing to not testify in this case," Kwame Kilpatrick said to Judge Edmunds. His father Bernard and Ferguson indicated the same.

10:00--Done: And after just 10 minutes, Zervos' testimony is done. No questions from the feds, and no more witnesses.  The defense's case is, more or less, done.  There are still some legal issues that need to be addressed.

9:57--Praise: Zervos never had to file any liens on Ferguson's bonds, which he said was pretty remarkable.

"To not have one call or one's special," Zervos said.

9:54--Insured: Ferguson paid almost $3.7 million in insurance premiums to Zervos from from 2002 to 2008. Bond premiums were more than $300,000.

9:50--Last witness: The man who could be the defense's last witness is now on the stand.  Steven M. Zervos owns Zervos Group Incorporated, an insurance company that insures contractors. 

Zervos has provided bonding/insurance for Ferguson Enterprises.

9:40--Short break: We're on a five-minute break while the defense grabs its next witness.  Meanwhile, defendants and lawyers are milling about  the courtroom, seeming mostly loose. Today kind of feels like the last day of classes before finals week. 

9:36--That's all: Schneider is done, and the government has no questions for him.

9:34--Charitable: Schneider says that he lent Ferguson trucks and equipment for the Motor City Makeover project, which he said was a charitable endeavor and one that helped the city.

9:25--Here we go: This witness, Robert G. Schneider II, is being called by Bobby Ferguson's lawyer Gerald Evelyn. Schneider works for Michigan CAT, a construction company that sells Caterpillar trucks, among other things.  Bobby Ferguson is a "longtime client" of his, he says, knowing him since approximately 1994.

Expect Schneider to testify that Ferguson bought lots of equipment from his company. 

9:20--Two more: The defense has only two more witnesses.  The first is being brought into the courtroom.

9:19--Celebrate: After greeting jurors, Judge Nancy Edmunds told the courtroom that testimony should conclude today.

"It's February 6," she said, "five months to the day since the first potential jurors stepped into the courtroom," Edmunds said.

9:00--Welcome back: It's day 67 of trial...again. I'm not counting yesterday, since court was only in session for about 10 minutes, no witnesses were called and no testimony was taken.  Things ended abruptly yesterday when Judge Edmunds announced that the defense's witnesses weren't in the courthouse: illnesses and travel problems prohibited them from making it in. 

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