Local judge accused of fathering child from secret affair

(WXYZ) - A Circuit Court Judge finds himself on the other side of the law as a defendant in a paternity case.

Judge Archie Hayman has a long reputation for being tough on deadbeat dads. Is he one?

Hayman is facing serious allegations of a 17-year secret love affair with an attorney.

The judge allegedly told her, it would hurt his reputation. She agreed. But now, things have changed.

The first thing Judge Hayman tried to do in his case was to keep the case sealed from public view. But Oakland County Judge Cheryl Matthews refused.

Judge Matthews ordered DNA testing and suggested they settle to keep the dirty laundry to themselves.

In her lawsuit, Denise Ketchmark, who is an attorney, is alleging they had a 19-year romantic and sexual relationship. Two children were born.

Judge Hayman even signed affidavits of parentage that are pieces of evidence in the lawsuit, and that Hayman added the kids onto his health insurance with Genesee County.

In the lawsuit, she adds this:

"The relationship of the plaintiff and the defendant was to be kept a secret from the legal community, his family and the world, especially from the African-American women in…Genesee County."

Ketchmark points to even more evidence to back her claims. She showed us a greeting card, signed "love Archie," a few sporadic checks from Judge Hayman for support for her kids, and even secret audio recordings including when she gave Hayman a sexy nighty to take home.

But, is Ketchmark just a jilted lover bent on revenge?

"I ended the relationship. He didn't. He didn't end it because of the married. I ended it. He would have continued," said Ketchmark.

The judge got married on August 25 to another woman. This lawsuit was filed a week before.

Ketchmark claims on the judge's wedding day, they exchanged these text messages where she wrote to him:

"I wish you were who I thought you were.

He replies: "no time to explain now."

And she writes: "The person Ii found out for you to be is not ever what I thought I would discover."

He replies: "Don't ever lose those feelings."

The attorney is seeking support for both kids, but she now admits the older daughter may not be the judge's.
Ketchmark says the daughter was conceived through artificial insemination.

The judge's attorney tells us, the judge has given his sample for the DNA testing.

But, Ketchmark and the kids have not.

7 action news tried repeatedly to interview Judge Hayman or his attorney, both denied our requests.

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