Michigan's road repair game: Will higher taxes make for a smoother ride on the highways and byways

(WXYZ) - The Michigan Legislature and Governor are playing Let's Make A Deal with our money and funding new roads.

We're just sitting, watching, like the old TV game show with Monte Hall. 

The Governor wants as much as $1.2 billion for roads. But how and where? 

We're putting the options behind the three doors on the game show. 

Behind door number one, taxes. 

Behind door number two, fees. 

Door number three is the Zonk, what nobody likes - toll roads. 

The Michigan House has already passed $450 million for roads, but some of those bills are now in a Michigan Senate Committee and some are on the Senate Floor. 

When will votes be taken? When will they be reconciled with the House? 

The Legislature is only in session for a couple more weeks and then is mostly off, only a day or two until after Labor Day and the fall session. 

The Big Deal of the Day is still not a done deal.

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