New Detroit City Council President orders audit of funds overseen by Charles Pugh

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Newly-elected City Council Saunteel Jenkins has ordered an audit of city funds overseen by her predecessor Charles Pugh .

Jenkins said she is not accusing Pugh of any malfeasance whatsoever.

Pugh has been missing from public view ever since accusations were made over an inappropriate relationship he had with an 18-year old he mentored.

Today, Jenkins said she's calling for an audit of three funds that Pugh oversaw. Jenkins said the audit will make clear just what spending took place under Pugh's watch and what will take place under hers.

Jenkins also said that media equipment purchased with one of the funds has recently come up missing.   She wouldn't say what kind of equipment, or just how much it cost. 

Contact Investigator Ross Jones at or at (248) 827-9466.

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