New political spy games hit Michigan campaigns

(WXYZ) - It started as a video chip left behind at a political fundraiser. 

On that disk was enough to turn spy games in Michigan politics into national news.  It turns out Republicans have sent several operatives into Democratic events with video recorders hidden in eyeglasses.  In some cases they try to goad candidates into saying something they could later post on YouTube to embarrass them. 

The video shows Democratic Lt. Governor Candidate Lisa Brown at a private fundraiser.  Another clip shows a candidate for Congress in Lansing being asked about whether she would have voted for Obamacare. 

Current Republican Lt. Governor Brian Calley says he can't speak for the Republican Party, but his campaign with Governor Snyder does not use spies. 

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer calls this "Nixonian" and should not be used. 

Longtime Political Analyst Tim Kiska says tracking candidates on the other side is ethical if they are using visible recorders.  Kiska says the problems are misrepresenting yourself and using hidden video equipment. 

In 2012, a video of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney surfaced with him talking to a private audience about how 47 percent of voters would not support him because they rely on government entitlement programs.  Many believe that may have cost Romney the election.

Michigan Democrats say they are not using hidden spies with hidden cameras. 

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