Oakland County officials ask for dismissal of child killer lawsuit

(WXYZ) - Lawyers for the Oakland County Prosecutor and Sheriff say the recent lawsuit filed against them regarding the decades-old Oakland County Child Killer case should be dismissed.

They call the case an ill-conceived, unfounded, and tardy attack on law enforcement officials who want justice just as much as the families do.

 County lawyers also put attorney Paul Hughes on notice that if he doesn't withdraw his lawsuit, they will seek sanctions against him, in large part because they call the lawsuit "factually deficient."

Last month, Hughes filed the $100 million dollar on behalf of one of the victim's families.

The 7 Action News Investigators revealed that Hughes was relying on information from an anonymous source, who's believed to be the same anonymous source who contacted 7 Action News back in 2010.  The so-called source alleged that the killings were tied to cult activities and pagan holidays, but never provided any proof.

Between 1976 and 1977, a killer or killers abducted 4 children along the Woodward corridor in Oakland County, held them captive for days, and then murdered them.  The four children are linked together by specific forensic evidence, including carpet fibers and dog hair.

Grand juries in both Oakland and Wayne Counties have been convened to investigate the case.

Listen to audio from the anonymous source below:

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