Officer Angelica Robinson sues claiming Detroit's ex-chief lured her into a sexual relationship

First Ralph Godbee was forced to resign as Detroit's Chief of Police over an affair with a subordinate.

Now he is being sued over it.

The 7 Action News Investigators broke the story that led to Godbee's downfall. Now we've learned that the woman he was involved with is suing him.

The suit was filed late Tuesday against Godbee and the City of Detroit.

Officer Angelica Robinson claims the former chief used his position to lure her into a sexual relationship.

In the suit, Robinson claims that she had requested to be transferred out of the child abuse unit.  The suit says that Godbee then contacted her on facebook and other social media and asked her to meet for lunch.

When they met, the suit claims, Godbee told her he had the papers for her transfer to internal affairs on his desk, and said he was interested in a sexual relationship with Robinson.

The relationship started, according to the suit, and Robinson got the transfer she wanted.

According to the lawsuit, this was not an isolated case for Godbee.

The suit claims the former chief and the city were both aware that he had repeatedly used his power and position to get sexual relationships with subordinate female officers offering them promotions or transfers.

7 Action News tried to reach Godbee for comment, but so far, we've gotten no response.

A spokesperson for Mayor Dave Bing said they have not yet seen the suit and can't comment until they review it.

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