Officials asking for DNA samples in Oakland County Child Killer Investigation

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Action News Investigators have learned there are new developments in the Oakland County Child Killer case. Relatives of the victims tell Action News they have been asked to provide DNA samples in the decades-old case.

Barry King's 11-year-old son, Timmy, was abducted from Birmingham and later murdered back in 1977. Now King is telling Action News Investigator Heather Catallo that detectives have requested a genetic sample from him.

"The called on me on Friday, asked me to give a DNA sample," said King.

King has been waging a very public war on prosecutors and police, demanding answers in the unsolved Oakland County Child Killer case. Timmy King was the last of four vicious child abductions and murders along the Woodward Corridor between 1976 and 1977.

Barry King sued the Michigan State Police and Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper requesting that they release documents related to a possible suspect in the case who the King's uncovered, named Christopher Brian Busch. Now King has learned new detectives are on the case. Investigators from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office have teamed up with MSP, and they want a genetic sample from King.

"I have no objection. I'm perfectly willing to do it, obviously, but I'd like an opportunity to talk to the new investigators who have been assigned to the case," said King.

The Action News Investigators have also learned that another relative of a victim has agreed to give a DNA sample. Late Monday afternoon, Mike Stebbins says he gave a cheek swab of his DNA to detectives. Stebbins's brother, Mark, was the first victim of the Child Killer in 1976.

Barry King says he also learned last week that his Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against Prosecutor Cooper was dismissed after he says the prosecution filed a secret document with the court.

"Judge Potts was impressed with whatever Cooper filed with the court, which has not been identified to my family," said King.

Cooper tells Action News the she believes the "secret document" King is referring to is an affidavit that was filed under seal with the judge overseeing the lawsuit. Cooper says the affidavit outlined the reasons why she could not release information to the Kings because the case is an "on-going investigation." Cooper insisted the case is indeed a very active investigation.

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