Photos of cash, guns from Bobby Ferguson case made public

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Federal prosecutors have released photos that were taken during searches of Bobby Ferguson’s condo and his offices. 


The photos show stacks of cash inside safes, cashier’s checks, and guns that were seized during FBI raids. 

A jury convicted the former Detroit contractor last March of racketeering, bribery and extortion as part of the Kilpatrick Corruption Case. 

Ferguson’s long-time friend, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, was also convicted of RICO and other charges. Both are serving decades in federal prison.

The pictures were taken as part of Ferguson’s bid-rigging case, which was a separate trail. 

After a mistrial, federal prosecutors dropped the bid-rigging and financial charges, and instead proceeded to re-trial on three gun charges. 

Ferguson was acquitted on two gun counts, and the jury was hung on the third count.

The feds have seized more than $4 million in assets from Ferguson as part of the massive case. During the RICO trial, Ferguson’s lawyers explained that the reason Ferguson kept so much cash in the safes was because banks refused to do business with him due to the  lengthy federal investigation into the former contractor.

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