Promoted DFD official with history of drinking and driving is on unpaid leave

(WXYZ) - A Detroit Fire official, promoted this week to senior chief, is on leave pending the results of an investigation into his revoked driver's license and history of drinking and driving.

As 7 Action News first reported Wednesday, Andre Johnson was promoted from battalion chief to senior chief despite his record of three citations for drinking and driving and a license that hadn't been valid since 2010. 

In one case, Johnson got into an accident that injured another person.

Today, department officials say they missed Johnson's alarming history because they only visually inspect employees' licenses to see that they're not expired. They didn’t check into anyone’s actual driving record. 

"We're going to do a thorough investigation from this point, look at everything involved in this one person as well as others," said Department Commissioner Jonathan Jackson.

As a result of our report, officials have already learned more about Jackson’s checkered past. Just last month while the auto show was in town, he put in for 168 hours of overtime that he wasn’t even eligible to receive. It gave him a pay boost of $8,214.

The overtime was approved by Department Chief Operations Officer John King and, according to Commissioner Jon Jackson, it shouldn’t have been.  He’s ordered an audit to look at all overtime approved by King, who faces possible discipline.

It's unclear if Johnson will have to return the overtime pay. 

Contact Investigator Ross Jones at or at (248) 827-9466.

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