Medical researcher says towing caused thousands in damage to his car

(WXYZ) - Mark Haacke is a medical researcher, who used to patronize the Royal Grill, a restaurant in the shopping center where Larson's Towing has picked up many cars. 

He says Larson's company towed his Infinity while he was eating at the restaurant. Haacke also says the car needed thousands in repairs after he picked it up from their yard.

Here is his story, in his own words:

We were busy that day, preparing for a national meeting in Chicago, and we needed a short break. Around 12:30 that day, we thought we'd go to our favorite haunt, which is over where the Royal Grill is.

We'd been going there for about 10 years and so we hopped in the car, headed over there, and went in and had a bowl of our favorite chicken lemon rice soup at the Royal Grill, and little salads and broccoli. 

Around 1:10, we got out of the restaurant and walked over to where my car was and my car was gone. Of course, I was very  concerned that someone had stolen my car.

A young lady with some little kids was parked right beside where I had been and she told me that the car had been taken by a tow company.

At that point I called the tow company and they must have just left minutes before. I told them that we were in with the restaurant and this person then claimed that they had video of us walking off the lot.

I had my secretary with me, so we had really good witnesses that we had gone directly into the restaurant, and he refused to listen to anything logical and, at that point, I went over to visit Food Pride.

They also claimed they had it on video.

Of course I know this is impossible. So I went back to the restaurant, to the owner, Diana, there, and she walked over with me to also validate that I had been there.

At this point there was really nothing left for me to do than to head back with my secretary, we were only a few blocks away from that location.

The irony of all of this is that I have three different parking spots all within blocks of this. I have a parking spot at the hospital, because I work at the hospital doing our work in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I have a spot over at the engineering school and then I have a spot on Ferry Street. So, we certainly don't need to park our car there to go to the hospital because we have access to it.

Later that day, we went out to get the car. When I got in the car, it smelled like a fire had been extinguished. I drove my car back, and I have an all-wheel car, and I had to take the car into the dealer. They say that part of the car had caught on fire, that since this is an all-wheel drive, it should have never been towed. It should have been taken on a flatbed.

So here was a group of people taking my car, not knowing what they were doing, and the bill for this would have been $3,850 for my car. So I had to get my car repaired.

It took three weeks to get all the parts in for this and, in the end, they never responded to any of my letters. And, to me, it seems like somebody, basically, stole my car.

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