Restaurant owner says Larson has towed her car at least six times

(WXYZ) - Diana Djokic works hard for her money as the owner of the Royal Grill.

But lately, she says that some patrons have stopped coming to her restaurant in a shopping strip in Midtown because of the incidents with Larson's towing. She says that being towed from a spot where they are legally parked, makes her customers mad.

"Usually they are very, very angry," Djokic says. "Very hurt and kind of feeling someone betrayed them because they only came to eat lunch and go back to work. And then, when they went outside, their car was gone."

Djokic says her waitress has been towed three times and that her own car has been towed double that number.

"My car got towed at least six times," she says. "Anytime I called to check why they got my car, they kept saying they saw me going to the hospital, which never happened."

When asked about Larson himself, Djokic doesn't hold back.

"He's not a very nice man. He doesn't have a lot of respect for other people," she says. "He's very greedy."


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