Some Wayne County ethics board members donated to Ficano, others

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Wayne County Ethics board is only one day old, but there are already questions about whether all of its 7 members are truly independent. 

The 7 Action News Investigators have learned that at least one member, Anthony Guerrero, is a frequent donor to Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's campaign, writing him checks for $750 and $250 in 2010, and $500 last year. 

Guerriero is an appointee of prosecutor Kym Worthy and he's given her money, too.  Records show he's donated hundreds in cash and in-kind contributions to Worthy in just the last few years.

The revelation comes as county officials trumpet the new task force as an independent body that can ask tough questions of elected officials and make sure the county doesn't craft the kinds of dirty deals that 7 Action News has exposed over and over again for the last year.

Guerriero isn't the only board member with close-ties to a county official.  Treasurer Ray Wojtowicz's appointee to commission is Stella Szczesny (Chesney).  And she just happens to own property in Hamtramck that's rented by Wojtowicz's son, Chris. 

Today by phone, Chesney's husband told me that the Wojtowicz's are longtime friends of theirs.  But he insisted that that friendship would play no role in Chesney's oversight of the treasurer and other county officials.   

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