VIDEO: Defense lawyers react to feds final argument as court ends

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Defense lawyers took questions about federal prosecutors' final arguments and jury deliberations as court concluded this morning.

Court adjourned at about 11:15 after jurors heard a blistering 90-minute rebuttal closing argument delivered by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Chutkow who, along with his colleague Michael Bullotta, spearheaded the fed's case against Kwame Kilpatrick, his father Bernard and friend Bobby Ferguson.

Jurors were asked by Chutkow to consider whether or not an invoice submitted by Bobby Ferguson's defense team as evidence had been doctored in the midst of trial.  Weeks ago, Ferguson's defense team submitted a time sheet that indicate Ferguson appeared on the site of a sinkhole in Detroit to being repairs only a day after it happened.  But the government's version of the same record showed Ferguson appeared much later on site.

Outside court today, defense lawyers insisted that the document was not forged in any way.

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