Was a job created for Ficano's former chief of staff?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's chief of staff retired, only to get a higher paying job with the city of Detroit.

Now some are wondering if the job was created just for him.

Matt Schenk earned $167,000 when he retired from Wayne County as Ficano's chief of staff.

He jumped ship in March and took a job as the Chie Operating Officer for the city of Detroit's Water and Sewage Department, where he now earns almost $200,000 a year.

But now some are questioning if that job is created just for Schenk.

It didn't exist March 26, according to a federal court order.

Just two days later, Schenk was hired.

7 Action News has obtained a letter from the Water Resources Commissioner John McCulloch, who is a part of the regional group working to improve the city's water department and address ongoing Clean Water Act allegations.

In it he called Schenk's hiring "suspect" and he says it was done in a behind-the-scenes manner.

The job was never posted and the board of water commissioners did not vote to hire him, according to the water department.

He was recommended by the job by a four-member group. It is not clear exactly when Schenk was first considered for the position. He did not return phone calls for comment.

In an email to 7 Action News, the spokeswoman for Mayor Dave said Schenk's legal expert made him a strong candidate for the job.

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