Was missing Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa buried on land owned by a suspected mob boss?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The alleged burial site of missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is near land once owned by suspected mobsters, 7 Action News Investigators have learned.

There are new rumors that missing Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa is buried in a shallow grave in Oakland Township.

7 Action News Investigator Bill Proctor has uncovered land records that show suspected mob boss Jack Tocco and his family once owned property in the same area where Hoffa is claimed to be buried.

It is a substantial mixed-use parcel, east of Adams Road and north of Buell Road in Oakland Township that Anthony Joseph Zerilli says Hoffa is buried.

FBI says Zerilli was second in command of the local Detroit mob at one time. Zerilli was in prison at the time Hoffa disappeared, but experts say his mob ties give him some credibility.

"That would be enough to grant credibility, for the agents to at least start taking an initial look at this to try to vet out his information," says Dan Roberts, former Special Agent in Charge of the Detroit FBI. "They'd be looking at things like the property in question, who owned it at the time?"

The 7 Action News Investigators also looked into who owned the property at the time Hoffa disappeared in 1975. What we found was that in 1972 suspected mob boss Jack Tocco and his family members bought 45 acres of land in the area. The Toccos then moved their ownership into a family business and developed very large homes that sit on two to five acres each.

But why is Zerilli talking now after decades since Hoffa's disappearance? Zerilli says on his website that he is about to release a book on the Hoffa case and what he says he knows.

"It certainly is a pause for concern for the FBI agents who are working this case. What is his real motivation?" says Roberts. "Does he really know where he's buried, or is he just doing this for money? And that's certainly something that's in the agent's mind as they're doing this.

The FBI is not commenting. We also talked to Hoffa's daughter who says she has been down this road many times and that she and her family want to let the FBI do its job.

Former FBI agents says what typically happens next is the FBI would reach out to Zerilli's attorney, Arthur Weiss who also would not talk to 7 Action News.

They would then likely polygraph Zerilli and look into the land records.




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