Wayne County grand jury has been investigating Oakland County Child Killer case

(WXYZ) - It has been a week of stunning developments in the Oakland County Child Killer case.

Now Action News has learned that another grand jury has been investigating the decades-old murder mystery.

Legal experts say this is not something that usually happens – to have two different state grand juries investigating the same case.

But Action News has learned that Wayne County is conducting a grand jury to look at the child killer case and an Oakland County grand jury is doing the same thing.

Action News has learned that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy convened a grand jury of her own to hear evidence in the decades-old case.

Between 1976 and 1977 – a killer – or killers – abducted and murdered four children. They were all kidnapped in different Oakland County cities – and all but three of the bodies were left in Oakland County. The child killer's last known victim was 11-year-old Timothy King – taken from Birmingham, but his body was discovered in Livonia.

Legal experts tell Action News that one location allows Worthy to have some jurisdiction in the case.

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper has recently convened a 13-17 person citizen's grand jury to hear testimony and examine evidence in the child killer case. A grand jury operates in secret and they have to power to compel witnesses to appear, and they can grant immunity.

Timothy King's father, Barry King, is grateful Worthy is also pursuing the case. King says he hopes that all of the law enforcement officials can work together to bring resolution to the case.

Neither prosecutor is commenting on either grand jury.

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