Women "sucker punched" by Detroit firefighter?

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators are exposing an incident that changed the lives of two suburban women forever. 

READ THE FULL STORY HERE: http:// www.wxyz.com/ dpp/news/local_news/investigations/ suburban-women-turn-to-7-action-news-investigators-for-justice-after-being-punched-by-firefighter

They say they were viciously punched outside of a Hamtramck bar on Pazcki day in 2011. The women say they've never been the same. Both went down hard to the pavement and they say they are still under doctor's care.

The man, who pummeled them, they say, was an off-duty Detroit firefighter. He denies it, but the women say - and one witness confirms - that the police went easy on the firefighter because of his position.

The two women came to the 7 Action News Investigators looking for justice. They want to send a message that's it's not okay for a man to punch a woman.

The police report lists the firefighter, a known body builder, at 6'2" tall and 275 pounds. One of the women is 4'9" tall; the other is 5'1" in height.

The firefighter denies punching any women, but witnesses say otherwise and the security video is a bit shocking.

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