Women warned about Facebook faker

(WXYZ) - He claims to be a hot hunk with loads of cash, but more than a dozen women in Michigan and Ohio who took his online bait say he is dangerous and they want to warn others.

Some found him on Facebook as David Fieri. Others found David P. Andretti on wealthymen.com .

They feel foolish for having fallen for his perfect pitch, but they are fearful that if they don't come forward others will get hurt too.

They all admit it was the photo that grabbed their interest. The tanned shirtless image of a sculpted middle-aged male lead them to believe this was a man who took care of himself, and his profile indicated he could provide for them a dream world lifestyle.

A similar personal profile claimed he was a federal agent, the co-owner of the largest online travel business in the world, and a retired sniper who was paid to kill the enemy in Afghanistan. He posted photos of million dollar homes, a Ferrari convertible, Cadillac Escalade and other high-end valuables, claiming they were all part of his life as a CEO and philanthropist.

"Well of course, the pictures were amazing!" a retail property manager from Clarkston told me, but didn't want her identity revealed. "He was very busy with his company and didn't have time to meet people. I had talked to him so much at one point, and with the emails and texts, I kind of felt like I knew him, like I couldn't wait to meet this guy."

When she and others met him, however, he had to explain some things, like why they had to pick him up.

"He had gotten carjacked," is what he allegedly told Shari Macleod. "He said they got his FBI identification, and stole his money." Another woman from Southgate tells a similar story.

"He said he couldn't get into his bank accounts because he didn't have any ID because of the carjacking," said Linda Dugas.

Now they know that the man in the Facebook photo is actually body builder Chad Shaw from Madison Wisconsin. The man they thought they knew was really a homeless 49-year old named David Klotz.

Klotz didn't want to talk to me the first time I confronted him in Toledo.

"You guys are harassing me, get away from me. Tell these girls that I don't want nothing to do with them, leave me alone," he said as he walked away from my questions. He's the man who was using Chads photo under nine different aliases.

Ironically, we caught up with Klotz on line at a local library, after he wouldn't return our calls. So why do women want to warn you about him? They say he can be violent.

"He pushed the door open and put his hands around my throat, and I said you're out, get out of here, and he grabbed his stuff to get out and that's when i called the police," Dugas told me about her final encounter with Klotz.

"At first I thought I was the only victim. We find out now that's not the case... I mean there's so many more victims coming out of the closet now," Macleod said.
They say when they caught on to Klotz and confronted him, he went after them. Toledo police arrested him for stalking, and there's concern investigators haven't heard from other victims. Sgt. Tom Noble is a detective with the department.

"This guy is like a one man crime wave, he's just a professional thief, he plays upon peoples' emotions," said Noble.

The accusations haven't lead to charges, but several women, who didn't want to go on camera, told me that Klotz physically or sexually assaulted them.
The number of women complaining about Klotz continues to grow on the "Stop David Klotz" where they make accusations against him. Body builder Chad also complains on the site. He's angry that Klotz has used his photos for years.

What's the real David Klotz's story? He lives at the Cherry Street Mission, a homeless shelter for men in downtown Toledo. The managers tell me Klotz can no longer use mission computers because women complained to them about him.

We found him at the Toledo public library, jockeying his many on-line relationships. When David left the library for the day, we asked about his online life.
"When were you with the FBI?" I asked. "I never said I was with the FBI, get away from me," said Klotz. "I don't have to help you understand anything, it's a free country leave me alone."

In Florida, a woman claims he stole $25,000 from her. In Michigan and Ohio, women spent hundreds on him hoping to repaid, but they say they never were. He has spent months in an Ohio prison for failing to pay child support.
The day after our brief discussion on the street, David agreed to sit for an interview in the park next to the library. Had he been violent with women, grabbing them the throat?

"I've never been physical with any female I've ever been with," he answered.

"You never grabbed them by the throat?," I asked.

"No," said Klotz.

"What about meeting women online, using Chad's photo as bait?" I asked.

"There's a problem, yeah, that's why I said that I know I have to change to make it work when I do meet somebody and I'm not meeting anybody online from now on," said Klotz.


David's promise not to mislead women on the web in the future? We've found six new social web site listings for him since our interview and, in one of them, he's still using Chad Shaw's photo.


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