Morenci residents remember missing Skelton brothers

MORENCI, Mich. (WXYZ) - Three little boys disappeared one year ago after spending Thanksgiving with their father.    

Police are hoping for a solid clue in the search for the three Skelton brothers.

The community of Morenci came together on Sunday to remember them.

Loved ones and police are hoping it is just a matter of time before they are found.

The mother of the children, Tanya Zuvers, tells 7 Action News, "I really didn't think we would be doing this. I thought that the boys would have been found by now... in the beginning, a year ago. Now, I think we just need to... to keep it out there... that they are still missing."

Tears filled so many eyes inside Morenci High School on Sunday. Hundreds gathered to remember Andrew, Alexander and Tanner.

Relatives say it was about remembering them and saying thank you to so many.

Their sister, Brittany Derby tells 7 action News, "It's a big thank you to everybody for everything everybody's done within the last year and to let them know that we are still out there..."

John Skelton is serving time in connection with their disappearance. He claims he gave them to some sort of mysterious group for their protection.

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