Happy Birthday, Grand Hotel: 125 Years Strong

WXYZ Detroit - It's 2012 and the Grand Hotel has prevailed!  Today is the BIG anniversary of a Michigan treasure that proudly boasts of having the world's longest front porch - 660-feet to be exact!  It's an historic milestone worth recognizing.  The Grand celebration will continue all week long.

This beautiful old wood building has weathered it all; including two world wars, the depression, the auto industry boom, and the ups and downs of America's stock market.  And for 75 of those 125 years, Mackinac Island's summer resort, has been guided by the thrifty leadership of the Musser Family.  I can't remember the first time I met them (probably in the late 1980's) but vividly remember the interviews I did with them in 1997, 2008, and of course, this year.  For the Spotlight on the News program that aired this past Sunday, Dan Musser III told me what's so special about the world-class hotel that attracts more than 130,000 visitors each year.   The heart and soul of the Grand is its staff, not the perfectly furnished building. 

All of us who live in this Great Lakes State should be proud of what the Grand Hotel has accomplished in a business where family-owned hotels are gobbled up by chain hotels at every turn.  The Grand stands alone as a symbol of what true service and hospitality is all about. 

Happy Birthday, Grand Hotel.  You are 125 years strong!

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