Mackinac Mayoral Debate: Respectful Discourse, No Knockout Punches

WXYZ Detroit - Four of the Detroit mayoral candidates met face-to-face in a debate on Mackinac Island.  There were no knockout punches between Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan, CPA Liza Howze, and State Representative Fred Durhal.  But it was a respectful and at times spirited political boxing match.  The big question is how much longer will this civility continue? 

This is the second 2013 Detroit mayoral candidates' forum I've had the pleasure of seeing in person.  The first one was a little over a week ago at the MGM Grand Hotel.  It was sponsored by the Booker T. Washington Business Association which focused the debate on issues of great importance to the city's African American population.   The same four candidates squared off with the addition of CPA Tom Barrow.  It too was a good exchange with many specific questions.  No mud-slinging and at times some very good humor.  For the most part, these mayoral hopefuls like each other. Don't be surprised if one or two of the losers end up working in the administration of the winner.   

As the campaign inches its way to the August Primary election, we will watch to see if the race begins to take on a tougher tone that gets away from issues related to safety, jobs, and improving city services in favor of more divisive issues. 

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