Coney dog eating challenge set for August 28 with guest appearance by Takeru Kobayashi

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Coney dog lovers unite! The 4th Annual American Coney Island Coney Dog Eating Challenge is set for August 28 with a guest appearance by international competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi. 

This year's events include a Coney competition between the Detroit Police and Fire Departments and, of course, the individual competition of who can eat the most hotdogs.

Coney lovers competing to take home the tile of American Coney Island Coney Dog Eating Champion get 10 minutes to eat as much hot dog, bun, chili, mustard and onions as they can.

The winner will will receive a Coney championship belt and prizes from local businesses. They also can indulge in a year of free meals at American Coney Island.

The celebrity judges, including Kobayashi, can give out style points to the Coney eaters, but can also take them away for excessive messes left on their plates.

Anyone interested in joining the competition can register now at  for $10 or $15 on the day of the event. The event is open to the public with a suggested $5 donation.

All registration fees and donations, including $1 from every Coney sold will go to the Keros Family Fund to benefit the Detroit Police and Fire charities.

The event starts at 5:00 p.m.