Cute baaby aanimal aalert! Detroit Zoo welcomes Kaatie the baby aardvark

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Cute baaby aanimal aalert!

The Detroit Zoo recently welcomed Kaatie the baby aardvark to the family.

Kaatie weighed just four pounds when born on February 11, and has since quadrupled in size! She is the third baby off 10-year-old mom Raachel and 11-year-old Mchimbagji.

“Kaatie is healthy and adorable, and seems to be enjoying her time with mom, nestling in close and nursing throughout the day,” said Detroit Zoological Society Curator of Mammals Elizabeth Arbaugh.

Staff are closely monitoring Kaatie and Raachel. Mother aardvarks can sometimes accidentally injure their little ones when rolling over.

The aardvark family is staying warm indoors but come spring you will be able to see little Kaatie, Raachel and Mchimbagji in their outdoor African Grasslands habitat across from the giraffes.

FUN FACTS: Their unusual appearance actually helps them succeed as foragers. Their large ears allow them to listen for the sounds of insects during night-time feedings. Their long sound is filled with hair, allowing smells in but keeping out dirt out. And their tongues which can be up to 12 inches long, are sticky to help them trap bugs.

Mature aardvarks can weigh up to 145 pounds and grow up to six feet in length.

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