Facebook settlement emails: Message saying social networking site may owe you 10 dollars NOT a hoax

You may get an email about Facebook being part of a class action lawsuit settlement.

This time, the email is NOT a scam.

The email is concerning a class action lawsuit settlement  "about using names, photos or likeness without permission."

You may have heard Facebook agreed to pay $20 Million into a fund to settle the class action lawsuit.

And you could get a small part of it.

It involves Sponsored Stories. That's advertising you might see by clicking the "like" button on a business or individual's Facebook page.

Those Sponsored Stories used Facebook members in the ad.

The class action claims Facebook unlawfully used names, profile pictures, photographs, likenesses and identities to advertise or sell products and services without obtaining permission.

Facebook denied any wrongdoing. But, if you or your child have had a Facebook account and were featured in one of these sponsored ads, you could be due up to $10.

It's not much. But Facebook also said it's giving users additional information about and control over the use of their names and profile pictures in Sponsored Stories.

The deadline to make a claim is May 2, 2013.

Here's more information on the settlement and how to file.

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