Local Belle Tire worker helps save young boy's Valentine's Day card box

PORT HURON, Mich. (WXYZ) - When the tires fell of Port Huron Elementary School Student Gabe's Valentine's Day car box he created for school, he immediately knew where to take it. Gabe looked up at his grandfather and said "Take it to Belle Tire, they'll fix it!"

That's where Jim Carter, the assistant manager at the Belle Tire in Port Huron comes in. According to Carter, Gabe came in and said, "I got a problem, oh boy do I got a problem, I have a big problem!"

Carter, who was working with his daughter on her Valentine's Day card box the night before, knew he had to help.

"I was so taken aback by this little boy that I knew I could not let him down," Carter said. "I told him not to worry, I'll take it in the shop, put it up on the rack and make it good as new!"

Carter took the box into the back where they work on cards, and after five minutes of work and a little Gorilla Glue, Gabe's box had its wheels rolling again.

"I brought it back up and handed it over the counter to him, and his eyes lit up like it was Christmas," Carter said.

According to Carter, the interaction with Gabe made his week, and was his best customer service experience he's ever had.

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