New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes? Three ways you'll travel by land, sea and air in future

Ever wonder about travel in the future?  

By land, sea, or air, your future self will get there in style – and here are three ways it could happen, all in under an hour.

LAND: Let's get started on land, where you'll move from New York to LA in a blistering 45 minutes.

How? Evacuated Tube Transport. These are six-passenger capsules moving through airless, frictionless, vacuum tubes.  

They look expensive, but apparently they are one tenth the cost of a high speed rail system and a quarter the cost of a freeway, according to the designers.

Passengers will travel at a blazing 4,000 MPH and only experience one G of force -- the same way it feels when you drive your car.  

SEA: Future boat designs look pretty luxurious and sleek, like the 90 meter super-yacht by Avadesign.

It features a transparent LCD hatch and a hybrid propulsion system combining the best from the worlds of art and science.

AIR: The Airbus Corporation has revealed their design for 2050. 

It has glass panels, pop-up displays, a transparent cabin, and seats that mold to your body shape with legroom to spare! 

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